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Because pets are family too


Fur babies

Take pride in what your babies eat


We are proud to offer healthy food items for your pets. We offer a wide range of quality meats to feed their needs in a natural, healthy manner. Many of our customers desire to supplement or  in some cases, perhaps substitute their \”best friend\’s\” diet with our meat and bones and even a bit of fresh produce. Our ground chuck is ground several times DAILY, to insure maximum freshness, from real prime chuck meat with no additives or coloring. We have noticed a large increase in customer requests for specialty organ and muscle meats, meaty bones and ground chuck due to a variety of pet health issues. Apparently, many of these health issues stem from either commercial food allergies or the associated lack of proper nutrition. Many of our customers have experienced great results from substituting or supplementing their pets diet with healthy, natural choices from The Chop Shop. 

Here are some of our friends and families furbabies